More than 22 participants from the Northeast region walked in someone else’s shoes over the weekend for the fight against cancer and far surpassed the initial goal of $22,000 by raising $44,780. This significant amount is part of the overall objective of the Rose Radiothon, which is $175,000.

The Radiothon des Roses had announced last fall this new activity, Walk 1 Km in my Shoes – St-Isidore Asphalte in order to raise funds for the fight against cancer at home first. Walking 1 Km in my Shoes encouraged participants to solicit their networks to raise funds throughout the month of November. It all ended on the weekend with a one kilometer walk in the shoes of the St Isidore Asphalte employees. These shoes are used by St Isidore Asphalte employees to avoid damaging the recently laid hot asphalt.

“When I was approached about this fundraising event, I immediately got on board because one word came to mind, and that was EMPATHY. Saying that you are going to walk 1 Km in someone else’s shoes is walking 1 Km in the shoes of a person who has had cancer, who has cancer, or of a person who has lost a loved one, a relative or a friend.. We’ve all been touched in one way or another by people with cancer. Even if you survive cancer, even if you’ve been through it, there are always aftereffects. Putting yourself in the shoes of someone who has or has had cancer…. I wanted to be there as a sponsor, but also personally”. Mr. Ronald Losier, Honorary president of this activity.

In early November, participants issued a call to their networks to show their support. The amounts raised by region are; Chaleur $12,924, Caraquet $11,303, Lamèque $8,214 and Tracadie $12,339.

“ I would like to say a special thank you to the participants as well as to the donors. Thank you, because it is people like you who are making a big difference in health care close to home, and it is through implications like yours that we can all work together in our own way in the fight against cancer. For my part, it has been an enriching experience and I look forward to seeing you next year for the second edition of Walk 1 Km in my Shoes.”

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