March 28, 2023 – It is with great satisfaction that the 17th edition of the Northern Star Campaign ended with a record of $140,911.78 raised by December 31, 2022! This success is due in large part to our long-standing partnership with UNI Financial Cooperation, which makes its network of service points available to us in the regions of the 9 participating foundations for the sale of our mini-trees.  The proceeds will be shared among the various foundations to address health needs in their respective regions.

This increase of more than 5% compared to the previous year is excellent news in an economic context marked by a period of inflation that is already affecting people’s wallets.

This performance of the campaign is an exemplary demonstration that the community is committed to making a difference by being engaged in preserving its gains as well as helping to improve our health care.  This collective goodwill is further proof that we can accomplish great things by working together.

« Our financial institution has always been driven by these values of cooperation and solidarity.  This kind of partnership with nine foundations that unite with us behind a common cause is very rewarding.  Year after year, the Northern Star campaign shines with this spirit of collaboration for the benefit of hospitals in the north of our province. We cannot overlook the involvement of our staff who are intimately linked to this success and who make us so proud of their contribution to encouraging the purchase of mini trees.  By displaying this symbol of the campaign on the walls of our points of service, we are reminded of the privilege of a human contact that has an impact on our communities and its foundations in the health sector. »  said Sylvie Basque, representative of UNI Financial Cooperation.

The Northern Star touches people! This is why we are witnessing these generous gestures from our community with a heart on its hand.  Through these actions, donors are becoming accomplices in the quality of life of our regions. They are making a real difference, not only because of the money they give, but also because of their intention to support our institutions and our staff who work for the benefit of patient care.

The awareness that comes from a donation is invaluable in helping those who face illness and have their lives disrupted by health challenges. It is also a message of confidence in our caregivers who are dedicated day after day to providing care to the people of our community. I would like to thank all of these many benefactors for their support of the Northern Star Campaign. On behalf of the patients and health care staff, I express my boundless gratitude to these people who make a huge difference to our health care in our hospitals » conclude Dre Marilyne Bossé, Chairperson of the Northern Star of the Chaleur region.

The nine participating foundations are:

The evening of the lighting of the dedicated trees, the fairy figurines as well as the community trees near the hospitals, took place on Thursday, December 1st. More than 270 trees were lit in front of our hospitals.

This new record amount now represents $1,376,433 that has been raised since 2006.  The donations raised truly make a difference in people’s lives by providing access to quality health care close to home.


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