The 16th annual of Roses Radiothon is launched, another great step forward in the fight against cancer in our community!

On April 28, 2022, let’s support people at home first in their fight against cancer.

The Roses Radiothon is a unifying event that aims to improve services in the fight against cancer at the Chaleur Regional Hospital and to support facilities on the Acadian Peninsula.

Over the years, we have invested more than 1,6 million dollars in numerous pieces of equipment for the screening, intervention and treatment sectors in addition to investing nearly 1 million dollars in facilities on the Acadian Peninsula to meet specific needs.

The Roses Radiothon is an annual radiothon that is held on the last Friday of April. Community fundraising activities are organized throughout the year.

The donations raised truly make a difference in people’s lives by allowing them to access quality health care close to home. On April 28, 2022, be there for the fight against cancer!

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BATHURST– The Radiothon of Roses, an event organized by the four Acadie-Bathurst Hospital Foundations, was launched today. Its goal is to raise awareness of the fight against cancer while raising funds to improve cancer screening and treatment services at our regional hospital and to support the Acadian Peninsula facilities in meeting their specific needs.

This year’s objective is to raise $180,000 in order to acquire the Ortho Vision transfusion medicine machine at the Chaleur Regional Hospital. According to Pierre A. Noël, Laboratories Manager, Acadie-Bathurst, “This equipment will be a major asset for the Chaleur Regional Hospital laboratory, which also serves hospitals on the Acadian Peninsula for specific and urgent blood tests. The function of this device is to safely deliver blood products and derivatives during a blood transfusion, with accuracy and speed being among its greatest advantages. As for the link with the fight against cancer, Chronic anemia (low blood volume) is a common complication in patients with advanced cancer or after aggressive chemotherapy. Blood transfusion usually occurs with the following clinical signs of anemia: lack of oxygenation and heart function. The purpose of blood transfusions is therefore to reverse this anemia (decrease in blood flow).

In addition, for the Fondation Hôpital de l’Enfant-Jésus of Caraquet, equipment in the areas of Medical Imaging, Automated Breast Ultrasound machine and Physiotherapy will be acquired. For the Fondation de l’Hôpital de Lamèque, funds will be provided to the Medical Unit through a project aimed at the multisensory room approach, Ambulatory Care, Spiritual Care, the Chronic Illness Clinic and the Nutrition Department. And for the Fondation Les Amis de l’Hôpital de Tracadie, the acquisition of equipment for Respiratory Therapy, Concentrated Care, Sensory Medicine and the Laboratory will be possible thanks to the Roses Radiothon.

The chairpersons of the Roses Radiothon, Mona Losier, Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation, Joseph Lanteigne and Annie-Julie Gauvin, Fondation Hôpital de l’Enfant-Jésus de Caraquet, Marie-Jeanne Noël, La Fondation de l’Hôpital de Lamèque Inc. and Eric Robichaud, Fondation Les Amis de l’Hôpital de Tracadie, all agree that “For us, especially in these difficult times caused by the pandemic, this activity is an opportunity to make the population even more aware of the importance of having our health care at home first and to show them that by working together, as a region, we can help our health care professionals by equipping them with state-of-the-art technology. We are ready to take up the challenge again this year!”

As for the last edition, which took place on April 30, we remember that the population of the Chaleur and Acadian Peninsula regions responded to the call to mobilize in the fight against cancer and for the continuous improvement of health care in our region in a remarkable way. Thanks to a record amount of more than $239,000, we were able to proceed with the purchase of an automated breast ultrasound machine for our regional hospital. According to Dr. Denis Thériault, Head Local Department of the Diagnostic Imaging, Acadie-Bathurst Zone at the Chaleur Regional Hospital, “The Automated Breast  Ultrasound machine, which we are the first in the province to have is a very important acquisition for the population of Acadie-Bathurst and will allow us to respond to the increasing demand for  breast screening ultrasound.”

Myriam Lévesque (Diagnostic Imaging Technologist) and Dr. Denis Thériault (Head Local Department of the Diagnostic Imaging, Acadie-Bathurst Zone) proudly posing with the ultrasound for breast ultrasound.

Walk 1 Km in my shoes – St-Isidore Asphalte is back!

Under the presidency of Mr. Ronald Losier, the second edition of the Walk 1 Km in my Shoes-St- Isidore Asphalte will take place during the month of October, breast cancer awareness month. The financial goal of the 2021 Walk a Kilometer in my Shoes is to raise $45,000 between the four Acadie-Bathurst foundations. The funds raised will be used to purchase several pieces of equipment.

Over the years, thanks to the Radiothon of Roses, an overall amount of nearly $2.6M has been invested in the acquisition of equipment to improve health care in our community! The 2022 Roses Radiothon will take place on April 29 thanks to its partners, L’Acadie Nouvelle, CKLE, CKRO and BOUNCE Radio 104.9.

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Suzanne LaPlante
Development Agent and Responsible of Communications


Ultrasound for Breast Echography

” This very sophisticated ultrasound device will be dedicated to breast ultrasound and we are the first in the province wanting to acquire it. The addition of this device will allow us to meet the growing demand for diagnostic breast ultrasound. This technology, as a complement to mammography examination, has been recognized to increase the detection of breast cancer lesions by 35.7% for breasts with dense breast tissue.” explains Dr. John LeBlanc, Chief of Medical Imaging at the Chaleur Regional Hospital.

Last year there were 950 breast ultrasound exams and currently we have a waiting list of 573 patients for this exam. With the new technology of this equipment, the acquisition time of the exam is less than the traditional method of breast ultrasound, which means that the number of ultrasound exams processed will increase and there will be a decrease in the waiting list.


In addition to supporting the Roses Radiothon, the foundations on the Acadian Peninsula will also be supporting their respective facility. Of the amounts raised in their areas, 20 percent will go toward the Roses Radiothon to support the fight against cancer at the regional hospital and 80 percent will go to their facility to meet specific needs.

Therefore, in addition to supporting the fight against cancer, your contribution will support the front-line professionals in the Acadian Peninsula hospitals. Health care in our region has never been this important.


The Enfant-Jésus RHSJ† Hospital offers a range of primary care services, including an emergency room and 12 inpatient beds.  The facility has more than 200 employees and a team of committed general physicians and specialists.

This year, thanks to your donation to the Roses Radiothon, the Enfant-Jésus Hospital RHSJ† will be able to continue to maintain and strengthen certain services focused on evaluation and analysis, comfort and patient safety. The Enfant Jesus Hospital in Caraquet will be able to proceed with the acquisition of equipment in the areas of rehabilitation, Medical Imaging and Medicine.


Thanks to your generosity, your donation to the Roses Radiothon will allow the Lamèque Hospital and Community Health Centre to increase the quality of services offered to the population through an expansion project in the Family Medicine Unit (FMU). This $1 million project is long overdue.

The FMU at the Lamèque Hospital and Community Health Centre is staffed by five physicians, three nurse practitioners, and nursing and administrative support staff. The expansion will improve patient and staff comfort and access to primary health care for the community.

On average, more than 9,500 patients a year visit the FMU to see a physician or nurse practitioner. The expansion project will accommodate a large number of patients and reduce visits to the hospital’s walk-in clinic and to the emergency departments of other hospitals on the Acadian Peninsula.


The Tracadie Hospital has 59 beds and 400 employees, including a medical team of 20 physicians. It admits close to 2,000 patients per year and receives over 23,000 emergency room visits annually. In addition to 24/7 emergency services, it offers general medicine, concentrated, palliative and dialysis care, diagnostic and therapeutic services, ambulatory care and specialized services.

This year, the Roses Radiothon will allow the purchase of equipment for palliative care, the endoscopy clinic and the electrodiagnostic clinic at the Tracadie Hospital.

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