The Northern Star, more than just a symbol. Let’s keep up the good work at Home First!

The Northern Star represents the strength of our communities coming together to shine, to support a common goal: improving our health care at home first. It’s a star that guides our efforts, a star that lights our way to a healthier, more united and more prosperous future.

“Continuing for health at home first” is our rallying cry. We believe that health begins at home, in our own communities. That’s why we’re committed to strengthening and improving local healthcare, ensuring that every member of our community has access to quality care, when they need it.

Our goal is clear: to ensure that every individual, every family, every child has access to the healthcare they need. This means setting up prevention programs, improving local medical facilities and supporting the health professionals who work tirelessly for our well-being.

Every contribution counts. Together, we’ve already completed several concrete projects. Your contribution this year will help fund essential projects for our hospitals.

Join the cause, make a donation, and together, let’s continue the fight for health at home first.

Here’s how to contribute to the Northern Star for your hospital:

Tree dedication: People are invited to make a dedication to honour or pay tribute to a loved one. In exchange for a donation of $200, the name will be displayed on a Christmas ornament, which will then be placed on a tree outside the hospital.



It’s possible to procure the mini-trees in one of the following places:






Or online: Buy online now!



Illumination: The lighting takes place at the hospital on November 29, throughout the territory of the participating foundations. During the evening, people who have made a dedication will have the opportunity to place these dedications on the trees, and afterwards, we proceed with the illumination of over 200 trees in front of our hospitals.

Mini-trees: Symbolizing the renewal of life, the fir tree represents the hope we want to convey to people going through a difficult health period.  Those interested in helping make a difference for our care at home first can purchase these mini-sapins for $2, $5, $10 and $20.

Here are the mini-treesBuy online now!

The tree, with the colors and shapes of the UNI Financial Cooperation logo, expresses a spirit of collaboration with the foundations. Decorated with stars, referring to the Foundations’ projects, the sections of the tree are superimposed in an ascending movement, and attempt to demonstrate the contribution of all in reaching a goal. In addition, the fonts chosen for their liveliness are arranged to create a joyful dynamic and to challenge the readers. The whole recreates a holiday atmosphere, a convivial moment that calls for generosity and sharing. Finally, a space reserved for signatories/donors at the bottom of the tree includes them in the collective fundraising activity.


State-of-the-art equipment for our Acadie-Bathurst hospitals

The funds raised through the 2022 Northern Star campaign will be used to purchase a variety of equipment to meet the needs of our hospitals and continue to make a difference in the lives of our residents. This campaign aims to give people access to quality health care close to home and their loved ones. Here is an overview of planned acquisitions for hospitals in the Chaleur and Acadian Peninsula regions:


Laboratory – REGIONAL PROJECT Analyser ortho vision – Ortho Vision Max (X2):

Over the past year, more than 14,000 blood tests were performed manually for patients in the Chaleur and Acadian Peninsula regions. The acquisition of the Ortho Vision will allow us to accelerate these analyses through automation and to process a greater number of analyses per hour. This means that for the hospitals of the Chaleur and Acadian Peninsula regions, this equipment will allow a better accessibility and their results will be known more quickly. In addition, funds raised through the 2022 Northern Star event will be used to purchase equipment for the intensive care unit, obstetrics, medical imaging and the outpatient clinic.


Medical Imaging: automated breast ultrasound machine

This highly sophisticated automated breast ultrasound machine will be dedicated to breast ultrasound. The addition of this device will allow us to respond to the growing demand for diagnostic breast ultrasound. This technology, in conjunction with mammography, has been shown to increase the detection of breast cancer lesions by 35.7% in breasts with dense breast tissue.

With the new technology of this equipment, the acquisition time of the exam is less than the traditional method of breast ultrasound, which means that the number of ultrasound exams processed will increase and the waiting list will decrease.

In addition, your contribution will support our hospital’s front-line professionals through the acquisition of equipment in the areas of physiotherapy.


Pour la Fondation de l’Hôpital de Lamèque, ce sont des équipements l’unité de médecine par l’entremise d’un projet visant l’approche de la salle multisensorielle, les soins ambulatoires, les soins spirituels, la clinique des maladies-conditions chroniques et le service de nutrition qui feront l’objet d’achats par le biais des contributions de nos généreux donateurs qui supportent cette campagne l’Étoile du Nord.

For the Lamèque Hospital Foundation, equipment for the Medicine Unit through a project for the Multisensory Room approach, Ambulatory Care, Spiritual Care, the Chronic Disease Clinic and the Nutrition Service will be purchased through the contributions of our generous donors who are supporting this Northern Star Campaign.


For the Tracadie Hospital, equipment for respiratory therapy, concentrated care, sensory medicine and the laboratory will be purchased through donations from the Northern Star.

Thank you for your support!



The nine participating foundations are:


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